Another Home Group is starting at TSC!  We now have Home Groups 3 days of the week!  CLICK HERE for more information.

At The Shepherd’s Church, we exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ.  In addition to Sunday gatherings, Home Groups are a way for us to participate together in God’s work of Saving, Sanctifying, Supplying, and Sending His people.  

TOGETHER: While the Sunday gathering is the heart and soul of The Shepherd’s Church, Home Groups are where we, as an extension of Christ’s body, really get to live out the picture of discipleship outlined in Scripture.

SANCTIFYING: It’s in the Home Group setting that we have an opportunity to know God more and see Him at work in the lives of other believers.  We encourage each other to pursue holiness by confessing and mortifying our sin in the company of a loving community. 

SUPPLYING: In Home Groups we sharpen one another through the Word and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, that we might be prepared to live lives on mission. Various intentional studies, training, and resources are supplied during Home Groups to help us as believers in the life work of ministry.

SENDING: At The Shepherd’s Church, we believe that maturity and mastery without movement is a miss! For that reason, we want to compel our people through our Home Groups to evangelize the lost in their local contexts.

SIGN UP HERE:  Home Group - East Fair Oaks (Tuesday @ The Kaiger Home)

SIGN UP HERE:  Home Group - Folsom (Thursdays @ The Alekseev Home)

SIGN UP HERE:  Home Group - Folsom (Tuesdays @ The Busch Home)

SIGN UP HERE:  Home Group - East Fair Oaks (Wednesdays @ The Gillis Home)

WHAT TO EXPECT: We will fellowship through a meal, discussion, and prayer.  Dinner will be provided at each host home.  While childcare is not formally provided, children are welcome.  See notes on the submission form(s) above for more details.